Advertising OR Affiliating with Voyeur is probably one of the most cost effective, easiest and better business things you could do.

We not only advertise you on this site - We also advertise you within our magazine and on all of our social media pages.

Below here is our 2017 current ad rate list, and more beneficial quotes can be done at your request.

Why so cheap?

Why not? is our answer. We are new to market, were no long-term established brand and we recognise that. And therefore why charge the big money some companies do?

Were starting low, whilst or magazine is in digital format and those that join on with us now will keep a cheaper advertising rate when we go to print. (so now is the time to sign.)

As were new, we wont dazzle with numbers that dont mean much BUT as a guide were being advertised all over the world, were on our affiliates email drops, were active on our social media and already making the right noises to be noticed.

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