Requirements for magazine image submissions


1. No watermarked images (if a watermark is required this should be sent separately for it to be added on in editing)


2. MINIMUM image size requirement is 300dpi - This is the best quality for print and any lower may result in lower printed quality images.


3. ONLY professionally taken images are accepted. (No self shot Images will be used)


4. No defamatory, racial, sexist etc images will be accepted.


5. If an edited full page size is required these should be made to 11" x 8.5" (inches)


6. Note we work around 2 months ahead on all publications and the submission and release deadlines are posted in the notes section of all our facebook pages. These deadlines are subject to finished magazine edits and magazines may be finished pre those deadlines, which means any images submitted will carry over to the following issue.


7. Often asked "can i submit images that have been published before?" - Answer is yes, we dont have a problem with this, WE do however look to make sure there is space between the last time they were published, we normally say minimum 6 months, this way it keeps content fresher.


8. Permission - to the left is our release form for submissions (simply right click, save as) - alternatively emailed consent can be given by parties with image usage OR if asked a copy can be emailed out to you.


9. Another question often asked: "will the photographer/mua/brand be credited?" - Answer OF COURSE, we run things professionally and as long as were given the information we will credit 100% NOT just with the names BUT also links etc.


RELEASE FORM - below images - right click, save as or contact for one to be sent

All images and release form are to be emailed to us at:

2017 VOYEUR Release Dates AND Submission Deadlines





APR 30th


JUL 30th


OCT 30th


JAN 30th



FEB 10th


MAY 1st


AUG 1st


NOV 1st


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